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11th Haus

Middle Child Pheromone Fragrance Oil - PRE-ORDER

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The World's First Fine Unisex Pheromone Perfume/Cologne Oil

30ml | 3x larger than any of our base layer bottles

Middle Child is our love letter to the risk takers of the world. The independent, attention seeking competitive spirit that never quite leaves us.

A pheromone blend to break conversational barriers no matter where you are -- and an intoxicating, close to skin scent will have everyone asking what you're wearing.


Top Notes:Sandalwood & Arrogance

Middle Notes: Sweet Amber & Charisma 

Base Notes: Rich Musk & Rich Baby Daddy Energy 


PLEASE NOTE: we do not give refunds based on not liking a scent or being nose blind (not being able to smell a scent anymore, happens sometimes with musks and ouds)  - as a small indie brand we know this cannot accommodate everyone - we thank you for understanding

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    Middle Child Pheromone Fragrance Oil - PRE-ORDER
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