FAQs and Cancellation Policy

What are pheromones?

A pheromone is a chemical that an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species. Pheromones are ectohormones and are secreted outside of the body to influence the behavior of another individual.

So what are 11th Haus Pheromones used for?

Our pheromones are used for social bonding and sexual attraction.

Are the pheromones a perfume/cologne?

NO! These products are designed to layer with your favorite cologne/perfume/scent.

How do I use them?

We make it easy to use our products. Simply..

1.) Roll or spray 1-2 times on any one pulse point( That is is, these are STRONG)

2.) Dab and allow to fully dry.

3.) Add your favorite fragrance or wear alone .

What should I do if I experience any adverse effects such as irritation or headaches?

If you experience such effects you should discontinue use. Some of our customers with more sensitive skin have found layering with a carrier oil or lotion before adding pheromones helps.

How long do the pheromones last? 

4-8 hours before reapplication.

I don't like the smell of the product or it smells funny, is this normal?

Maybe you hate it or maybe you are like hundreds of our customers who LOVE the smell of our attraction based pheromones, Wildboy and Double Take.

Either way, you will fall into one of those categories. With all this in mind we wanted to make the strongest pheromones possible without diluting them with fragrances. This gives you the ability to pair our pheromones with your favorite cologne, perfume, and or essential oils. If you dislike the smell we suggest applying the pheromone, letting it dry then covering with your preferred fragrance.

Are your products Vegan/ Animal Cruelty Free?

We are pleased to say that none of our products were extracted or tested on animals.


11th Haus DOES NOT offer refunds or cancellations of any kind.ALL SALES ARE FINAL.Exchanges due to incorrect item received or damaged product will be on case by case basis --contact customercare@11th.haus with your order number to be assessed. Please send detailed information and pictures to customercare@11th.haus

Please make sure all of your shipping details are correct upon purchase.