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Double Take- PRE ORDER

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* THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON PRE ORDER - estimated ship date June 18, 2024*

 Double Take -This unique pheromone blend is designed to be layered with your favorite perfume or cologne, so you can maintain your signature scent while still benefiting from its powerful effects.


Double Take contains a special combination of social and attraction pheromones that can help break down walls and create a more intimate atmosphere. Whether you're looking to build better business relationships or attract them on a personal level, Double Take can help you connect in a way that feels authentic and natural.

While Double Take is unscented, it does have a slightly sweet-sour pheromone scent due to its copulin content. Some people love the scent, some people hate it -- but its one of the most reordered products in our catalog because it works! This scent is most noticeable when you first apply it, but it fades over the next few minutes. For the best results, we recommend using Double Take in combination with True Allure.

PLEASE NOTE FOR SAMPLE SIZE: you will receive a $12 coupon code to put towards a full size 

Ingredients: Each 10 ml bottle of Double Take contains a potent blend of AndrosteNOL (which has been shown to raise men's testosterone levels) and Copulins (which mimic pheromones released during ovulation) in a convenient roll-on bottle. 

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    Double Take- PRE ORDER
    Double Take- PRE ORDER
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